10 great reasons to use us

The marketplace is crowded with a wide range of hosting companies. You need to be sure you are picking the very best host when it comes to providing a platform to show your valuable site to the world. So why should you join the AGL Host community and host with us?


1. Customer service

Other companies will sell you disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. At AGL Host, we sell our expert services.
We employ a dedicated team of experts ALL based in the UK. If you ever have a problem or question, we aim to provide the highest level of support. It isn't uncommon for our executives to deal with customer service inquires personally.

2. No hidden costs!

Unlike many of our competitors at AGL Host there are no hidden costs. We will not dangle a really low monthly cost only to hit you with the real monthly figure after you signup. - Databases are included, not an addition that costs you £30 like many of our competitors!

3. 99.9% uptime

A growing amount of businesses choose only to operate online, with no high-street shop front. If your website is your main route to market, you will need a reliable service you can trust. Any times which your site is offline, means missed business.
For this very reason, we offer 99.9% uptime per month on all our web hosting packages. We pride ourselves on a fast reliable service.

4. High quality hardware

Other hosts may not want tell you the type of hardware they use. Why? because if you knew you would move to AGL Host. We do not use cheap equipment or Shuttle PC’s. We only use industry leading branded equipment.

5. Easy to use control panel

Having a fast server and reliable service may be one thing - but you need to know how to use it and take advantage of our great features. To make this easier, we include the latest cPanel control panel free with all Linux web hosting plans. The award winning cPanel makes managing your website and server simple. However if you ever needed any help, we include free video tutorials to guide and great friendly customer support.

6. We have the experience

Established in 2005, AGL Host has several years experience of providing industry leading hosting solutions to businesses and individuals all over the world.
Our staff are all highly trained in their subject area. Our team of web designers can also provide you with guidance with installing scripts and more.

7. We listen to you

We listen to our customers and provide a service to meet your requirements. You asked for email only hosting, we introduced it. You asked for advice with website coding, we will support you.

8. No overselling here

What is overselling? If a server has a 500GB HDD, a web host may actually sell 1TB or more of space to customers, hoping that most customers wont actually use all their space. Why should i avoid this?
Overselling leads to overloaded servers. When a new server comes online at AGL Host, we cap the amount of clients we allow on each server, this in our opinion leads to more stable reliable servers. Many of our competitors oversell their servers to cut costs. We don’t.

9. A real company with office based staff

Part of JC Peters Ltd, our offices are located on Wood Burcote Business Park, Northamptonshire. We employ a dedicated office based hosting support team to ensure you always receive first class service and support.

10. Backups

We understand that you may keep valuable data on your website. Data which you cannot be without, for this very reason we backup all data. If something ever happened to your website, you can feel safe in that its all backed up.